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Jerry Mueller
Jerry Mueller
A Serious Player

Sellers 12 Point Marketing Plan

  1. Advertise
    1. Newspapers & Real Estate guides
    2. Direct Mailings & Power Cards
    3. Prospecting
    4. Fax flyers to all REALTORS
    5. Internet\home page\Jerry at the Beach
  2. Feature Brochure
    1. Professional presentation
    2. Picture of property
    3. Detailed fact sheet
    4. Location plat of property
    5. Cash flow analysis
    6. Brochure box on property
  3. Market Value Report
    1. Sold properties
    2. Competing properties
    3. Expired properties
  4. Qualified Buyers
    1. Job history
    2. Income
    3. Ability to borrow
  5. Promote with Top Agents
    1. Hand deliver feature brochure to each agent
    2. Open house luncheons
    3. Special promotions "Show & Win"
  6. Relocation and Referral Service
    1. Has contacts in over 200 offices
    2. Works with retirees
    3. Works with relocating families
    4. Works with second home buyers
    5. Works with investors
    6. Business and commercial buyers
  7. Contact previous Buyers, Sellers & Customers
    1. Picture post cards
    2. Personal brochure
    3. Newsletters
  8. Multiple Listing Service
    1. Computer access
    2. Photocom
    3. All REALTOR access
  9. Negotiate on Your Behalf & Urge Customers to Take Action Now
    1. Get the highest price for your property
    2. Get the best terms for you
    3. Point out the advantages of your property
    4. Point out the advantages of today's interest rates
When You Work with Jerry 
Everyone's A Winner! Jerry is passionate about helping people sell and buy their homes...
Jerry brings people together and his win-win negotiating style produces a happy seller and a happy buyer.
When You Work with Jerry Everyone's A Winner! When you work with Jerry, everyone's a winner. Jerry is ready to serve your success!


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  1. Auction Method Marketing
    1. An exciting alternative marketing program
    2. Takes your property out of the mix of all the properties for sale and puts it up front
    3. 30-day non-contingent settlement
    4. Low cost registration fee
  2. Find Mortgage Money
    1. Help purchaser select a knowledgeable lender
    2. Work with the purchaser and lender for quick processing
  3. Cut Through Red Tape
    1. Help purchaser select a settlement attorney
    2. Work with settlement attorney to facilitate a hassel free settlement
    3. Communicate effectively to keep you informed as to the status of the listing and all offers.
    4. Work for you the seller, giving you the very best professional and personal service available.
When You Work with Jerry Everyone's A Winner! Auction
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When You Work with Jerry
Everyone's A Winner!

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Jerry Mueller
A Serious Player
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Jerry Mueller

A Serious Player


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