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Jerry Mueller Eastern Shore Real Estate Sales and Rentals

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Jerry Mueller, RealtorJerry Mueller, a serious player
Commitment & Patience
"The key to success in real estate is having the commitment to work through the tough points and the patience to play out all the details."

Mueller at work

When you work with Jerry Everyone's A Winner
How did that guy ever win that point?
That guy is Jerry Mueller and he is forever making the competition wonder how he wins the important points. Jerry has a certain quality ---- people love to play and work with him.

A Can-Do Philosophy
When you sit down with Jerry, you start to notice his positive, upbeat attitude. Actually it is quite infectious. Soon you are laughing and joking with Jerry. You begin to see why his can do philosophy has made him a very successful man.

Jerry Mueller hard at work

How Do You Judge Success?
If you ask Jerry what his idea of success is, he might tell you it's having the greatest family to come home to every night. If you probed further, he might add that being successful is helping people achieve a lifelong dream. And that is exactly what he does daily day in and day out on the Delaware and Maryland Shore.

Helping People Is Priceless
Helping people buy and sell homes is what Jerry knows best. However being in the real estate business, Jerry has been able to help people from all walks of life. Jerry has helped to relocate families and retirees. Jerry has been able to help find businesses and investment opportunities with excellent cash flows. Jerry has helped put many sellers and buyers together through auction method marketing. Jerry is willing to put in the time and effort needed because for Jerry helping people is priceless.

Here are some comments from Jerry's past clients:

"It was the first pleasant and painless experience I have ever had when making a major purchase. Mr. Mueller earned out respect with his professional performance, Thank You!"
- Mr. & Mrs. Allen & Stacey Day

"We recently had the pleasure of doing business with one of your agents, Jerry Mueller, at your Bethany Beach office. My husband and I found him to be friendly, personable and upbeat yet also very professional. We just wanted to tell you we think he is an asset to your company."
- Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Hubert

"Jerry was very helpful throughout our quest for a property, he spent a lot of appreciated time over the past 12 months!"
- Mr. & Mrs. Brain Johnston

"Dear Jerry,
Your input, advice and understanding of what we wanted was refreshing and of need. Thanks for a great job, our best for your continued success."
- Mr. & Mrs. Marvin & Betty Merrill

"Dear Jerry,
You did an outstanding job locating the Bayberry property and gave us the confidence needed to make the purchase. You answered all our questions directly and with candor. You are an excellent sales person. It has been a joy to do business with you!"
- Mr. Cliff Hartley

Jerry Mueller hard at work

He Slept on the Deck
In the summer of 1991 there was a new community that was just coming on the market called the Salt Pond. It was in the middle of the recession and the developer was selling the lots at 50% of what the past lot market had been. The developer announced the pricing in June but would not accept any contracts until August 9th at 10am. Jerry contacted all his clients and customers and 6 clients decided to purchase lots. At noon the day before the lots went on sale Jerry noticed that a line was developing on the deck of the Salt Pond and he went to investigate. Customers were already lining up to purchase lots, but the developer would not sell any lots until the next day. So Jerry slept on the deck that evening to be one of the first ones in line to get his customers their lots. Today those lots have appreciated significantly and those clients appreciate that Jerry slept on the deck that night at the Salt Pond.

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Jerry Mueller Knows the Score

Jerry Mueller

Jerry loves to play tennis. "Tennis is a lot like life you start with love but it takes commitment and patience to stay in the game." "You have to know the score to stay ahead of the competition."

Balancing a career and a family life is one of the great challenges we all face. Jerry understands the importance of time management. Jerry also understands how important your time is, that is why Jerry takes great care in preparing all the details for your appointment and transactions.

If it is time to buy or sell your home you can count on Jerry to fill you in on all the details to keep you ahead of the competition. His years of experience, his professional staff, his extensive network of buyers and sellers all come together to make things happen. Call Jerry for your real estate needs he knows the score and is ready to serve your success.

Jerry Mueller, Serving Your Success

Jerry Mueller

He's fun to work with. He's one of the best in hes field. He is a serious player. He can make all the difference when you need to buy or sell your home. His name is Jerry Mueller. Jerry is a leader in the world of real estate.

Jerry is your best advantage when you venture out into the real estate market. Work with Jerry, he knows the score, call Jerry Mueller to schedule a free no-obligation meeting to discuss your real estate needs. You'll be glad you did because Jerry Mueller is serving your success!

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Jerry Mueller
A Serious Player
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Jerry Mueller

A Serious Player

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